EFG Mobile Banking

Introduction to EFG Mobile Banking

As part of its goal to provide clients with an easy to access and secure digital platform, EFG has released the first version of the EFG Mobile Banking application.

EFG Mobile Banking offers EFG clients the possibility to easily access and check their portfolios, verify the last transactions that were executed and help them to be up to date with their portfolio distribution.

EFG Mobile Banking is an essential tool for clients to facilitate keeping track of their finances

In line with this, going forward EFG will continue to enhance its mobile application in order to best meet client needs.

Use EFG Mobile Banking

EFG Mobile Banking is designed to assist EFG clients in their banking activities wherever they are.

The current version of EFG Mobile Banking only shows all positions held within your portfolio as well as all cash transactions that have been executed.

All the data displayed on the EFG Mobile Banking is live data retrieved from the core banking system.

Please bear in mind that since this is a preliminary version of the EFG Mobile Banking there are some restrictions:

  1. On the list of portfolios, each portfolio displays the end of day valuation; it is necessary to open the portfolio in order to get the real-time valuation.

  2. It is only possible to refresh the data displayed on the list of portfolios and on the portfolio overview screen.

Main features of EFG Mobile Banking

  1. Consult the list of portfolios.

    1. Client picker is available also in the mobile version to help selecting the portfolios among the list of entities one might have. Please note that if you want to see other entities displayed in this list you can check with your CRO.

  1. Drill down a portfolio to check the portfolio distribution in terms of assets, currency and activities.

  1. Get the details on the assets held in a portfolio.

  1. Consult the last transactions executed in one account.