EFG Mobile Banking

Introduction to EFG Mobile Banking

As part of its goal to provide clients with an easy to access and secure digital platform, EFG has released the first version of the EFG Mobile Banking application.

EFG Mobile Banking offers EFG clients the possibility to easily access and check their portfolios, verify the last transactions that were executed and help them to be up to date with their portfolio distribution.

EFG Mobile Banking is an essential tool for clients to facilitate keeping track of their finances

In line with this, going forward EFG will continue to enhance its mobile application in order to best meet client needs.

EFG Mobile Security

Data security is of paramount importance to EFG. We secure all communication means and channels available in our eBanking and mobile banking service in order to effectively ensure the privacy of our clients’ data.

Our security strategy is composed of three main elements:

  1. Secure login/logout

  2. Session duration

  3. Data storage

Secure login/logout

EFG has leveraged the proven technology of its eBanking login security to make the login process of its EFG Mobile applications just as robust and secure.

In addition to that, EFG has created a new security feature called “access”. This access feature can best be described as a key that allows clients to securely open the door behind which the mobile application is secured in order to access this. More precisely, one “access” links one eBanking account with one mobile device and one application. If a user wants to install an EFG Mobile application on two different devices, the user has to create one access on each device. If the user has two eBanking accounts and wants an EFG Mobile application for each account on the same device, they have to create one access per eBanking account on this device.

The access feature allows EFG to link an eBanking user with a specific device as well as to list the mobile applications this user has installed on the device. This not only secures the login, but in case of loss of the device, EFG’s Support Service can also easily revoke all the accesses linked to the device in order to avoid any misuse of information by an unknown third party.

During the login, EFG uses the secure protocol “https” to send the login credentials to its servers in order to validate the login.

EFG also provides a secure logout process, clearing out all the session data from the device. Once the log out process is triggered, all respective data will be erased from the device and will only remain available on EFG’s secure servers.

session duration

The EFG Mobile applications suite can serve as an additional tool for clients and Client Relationship Officers to use during their journeys and on the go. The EFG Mobile applications are designed to be as responsive as possible, while always being aligned to the security recommendations concerning the duration of a session.

In line with this, the application will be locked after two minutes of inactivity or when it is sent to the background. When starting the application again, users will be asked to log in again using either their security PIN, the touch ID or the Face ID if the mobile device has this functionality. Both touch and face ID can be turned on in the “settings” menu of the application.


EFG Chat will close the session and the user will get securely logged out after six months of inactivity.


EFG Mobile Banking will close the session and the user will get securely logged out after six months.

Data storage

As mentioned in the “Secure login/logout” chapter, EFG does not store any application data on the mobile device following the logout. All data, including messages, are securely stored on EFG servers in an encrypted form. All data transfers from EFG servers to the EFG Mobile application take place via secured channels.

Install EFG Mobile Banking

Please see below a detailed description of how to install and set up the EFG Mobile Banking application on your mobile device

Please note, that it is not recommend to use a public WiFi connection to install and set up the EFG Mobile Banking application due to potential security risks.

Necessary pre-requisites:

  • Make sure your mobile device is connected to mobile data or a secure WiFi.
  • Make sure your mobile device has an operational camera to scan the QR code.
  • Make sure you are in an environment that allows connecting to the eBanking using another device different from your mobile device.

Installation steps:

  1. Install the EFG Mobile Banking application from your app store (Apple Store or Google Play).
  2. Once the EFG Mobile Banking is installed, you need to tap on the icon to launch it.
  3. You can walk through the on boarding pages to see a brief description of what EFG Mobile Banking offers.
  1. Tap on “Sign In” to start the registration process. Please note that these steps only have to be done once per eBanking account and device:

    1. Define the 6-digits PIN that will be used to lock/unlock the application and to set up the touch ID/Face ID.
    1. If your smartphone has a biometric verification mode (i.e. face recognition, finger print), you can enable it in this step so that the biometric verification will be used instead of the PIN to unlock the application.

    1. The mobile banking application may send you notifications in case of revocation or expiration of one of your accesses. You need to consent this permission if you want to receive such notifications.

    1. Next steps cover the creation of a new access. By default, an access is given a name. You can change this name by editing the default value.

    1. Before scanning the QR code from the “Mobile Access Management” application, you have to give access to EFG Mobile Banking to access the camera on the device.

    1. Log in to eBanking and open the “Mobile Access Management” application.
    1. When the QR code is displayed on the “Mobile Access Management” screen, please tap on “I’m ready to scan” on EFG Chat. Please note that if there is already an access created, you need to click on “+ New access” to get a new QR code generated.

    2. Scan the QR code.
    1. After scanning the QR code, you are ready to log in to the EFG Mobile Banking using the eBanking credentials and the Entrust token code. Same configuration as the one used to log in to eBanking.

Once the installation process is successfully completed, you are ready to start using the EFG Mobile Banking.

Use EFG Mobile Banking

EFG Mobile Banking is designed to assist EFG clients in their banking activities wherever they are.

The current version of EFG Mobile Banking only shows all positions held within your portfolio as well as all cash transactions that have been executed.

All the data displayed on the EFG Mobile Banking is live data retrieved from the core banking system.

Please bear in mind that since this is a preliminary version of the EFG Mobile Banking there are some restrictions:

  1. On the list of portfolios, each portfolio displays the end of day valuation; it is necessary to open the portfolio in order to get the real-time valuation.

  2. It is only possible to refresh the data displayed on the list of portfolios and on the portfolio overview screen.

Main features of EFG Mobile Banking

  1. Consult the list of portfolios.

    1. Client picker is available also in the mobile version to help selecting the portfolios among the list of entities one might have. Please note that if you want to see other entities displayed in this list you can check with your CRO.

  1. Drill down a portfolio to check the portfolio distribution in terms of assets, currency and activities.

  1. Get the details on the assets held in a portfolio.

  1. Consult the last transactions executed in one account.