User Guide to eBanking for Clients

Connection to the EFG eBanking website

1. Access to the eBanking website

EFG eBanking can be accessed from the EFG International website portal by clicking on the “eBanking” button.

Alternatively, you can connect by navigating directly to the secure eBanking address:

2. Security

The security of your eBanking access and your transactions is one of our major concerns.

Please refer to the following page
to learn more about EFG Bank’s commitments in terms of security.

3. Authentication

The authentication to the eBanking website is to be done in two phases.

1. Your credentials

  • Enter your username A
  • Next, enter your default password B
  • Click on button Validate C

NB : this is case sensitive.

2. Token code

You will now be asked to enter the code displayed on your token:

a. Hard Token

Enter the code that is displayed on your hard token E after you have held down the button for a few seconds D

NB : for security purposes, access will be blocked after three unsuccessful attempts.

NB : you will have to contact the eBanking support team if you need your access to be unblocked.

Please refer to the eBanking support contact list at the end of this guide to find the phone number to use to liaise with our support teams.

b. Soft Token

Start your soft token application on your smartphone and enter your PIN code D to generate the token code E

NB : please refer to the “Soft token activation guide” available here if you have not yet installed your soft token on your smartphone.

Enter the token code displayed E

Click on the Validate button  F

4. First connection

The first time you log in, you will be prompted to change your password.

You will have to enter a new password containing a minimum of eight characters made of at least one uppercase, one lowercase character and a number.

After entering your new password in the “New password” field  G, you will need to confirm it by re-entering it in the “Confirm the password” field H. Then click on the Validate button.

For security reasons, you will be asked to log in again using the new password when prompted.

5. Preferences

The preferences are accessible at the top right corner of your eBanking screen.

This option allows you to define your preferences and to customise your eBanking interface.

  • You can set your preferred language, date format, time zone and favourite currency under “General Preferences”.
  • Under “Notifications”, you can enter a private e-mail address for communication purposes.
  • “Paperless” enables to activate the paperless option on your accounts.

6. Introduction to the navigation

The eBanking dashboard is formed of 5 main sections highlighted below:

A. Header menu
B. Portfolios
C. Client selection function/picker
D. Banner & News
E. Quick actions

Thank you for placing your trust in EFG Bank AG. We hope that you will enjoy using your new eBanking access.